By teaching youth the language of code, we’re allowing them to demonstrate creativity in the digital world. It’s not magic. It's ...

This is why we teach code

Integrating computer science with school curriculum in a fun and practical way.

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We don't just teach your students, we also work directly with the teachers. Teachers hold the weight of preparing our youth for the future. We train teachers to build the right skills with a technical coders mindset. So that teachers may continuing fostering the education of students in our digital world.

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We prepare your students for the future. Students don't get the experience of programming until college. We are here to develop the proper skill set that students need to grow as Computer Scientists as they prepare to enter college.

Teaching code at all levels


We Create Interest.

We understand that coding can be difficult with kids at a young age. We focus on creating a learning environment where students will experience immediate positive feedback from their learning applications.


We Promote Creativity.

We focus on creating a learning environment that focuses on programming design. Students will learn proper programming standards that will enable them to create friendly user applications.


We Prepare for their Future.

We want our students to be prepared when entering college. We focus on creating a learning environment where we simulate a college experience as students will work alongside each other to create major applications.

"The experience and opportunity that we achieved this year has been remarkable. From competitions against college students, against high school students, to doing things you could actually do in the real world, that a lot of times students don’t get the opportunity to do."

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Jason Chong

fullerton school district

"Our students are very interested in Cod.Ed because that education allows them to have experience and exposure to coding and Computer science and allowed them to discover their passions."

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Clinton Mosley

fullerton school district

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